Sydney Water
Plumbing & Drainage Inspections Booking No

1300 889 099

From 1st November 2008 plumbers must call 1300 889 099 to book plumbing and drainage inspections and get technical information. Bookings can be made between 7.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday or after hours by arrangement (additional fees apply).

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Sydney Water - Sewerage Service Diagrams Requirements
Sydney Water - New Sewerage Service Diagrams Requirements, period of grace ends 31 July 2008. From 1 August Sydney Water will start to issue notices to rectify for any diagrams that don't comply with the new requirements
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NSW Residential Rebate Program
Rainwater Tank Rebates
On 1st July 2007 the NSW Government increased the rebates available for the installation of rainwater tanks across NSW.
Hot Water System Replacement Rebates
NSW Hot water system rebate provides up to $1200 to switch from electric to solar, heat pump or gas hot water systems.
Ceiling Insulation Rebates
The Ceiling insulation rebate provides half the cost of installing ceiling insulation in your home, up to a maximum of $300.
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Australian Government’s Solar Hot Water Rebate
The Australian Government’s Solar Hot Water Rebate Program application process has changed. These changes affect retailers and installers of hot water systems.
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Solar Hot Water Rebate
Guidelines for greywater reuse for NSW households
The Department of Water & Energy has published guidelines for greywater use in households. The Guidelines relate to single, detached households only and do not include premises comprising of more than one dwelling.
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NSW Code of Practice Plumbing & Drainage 2006
The updated NSW Code of Practice - Plumbing & Drainage, came into effect on 1st July 2006. This Code Replaces the existing edition 2 - 1999 Code.
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NSW Code of Practice Plumbing & Drainage
2008 Additions & Variations
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MPA Regional Trade Shows
MPA is hosting a series of trade shows around NSW
The shows will be run mid week between 4.30 - 7.30pm
Safe Work Instructions - Task Specific Instructions
A new section is being added to the MPA Safety System
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Become an EnviroPlumber
Smart Plumbers are becoming Enviroplumbers and taking advantage of the oppprtunities in Sustainables Plumbing Practices