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"Disconnect and Reconnect Fixed Wired Electrical Equipment Connection to Supply Up To 1000 Volts a.c. or 1500 Volts d.c.) (UEE NEEP001B & UEENEEPOO7B) will provide learners with the skills, knowledge and attitude to safely disconnect and reconnect fixed wired electrical equipment. Specifically the course encompasses working safely, identifying supply arrangements, following isolation procedures, selecting and using testing and measuring devices, terminating and connecting cables and conductors, safely testing and reporting and
excludes disconnecting or reconnecting circuits at a switchboard or to general electrical accessories; or installation of or alteration to any part of the fixed electrical wiring system. Upon successful completion of all components of this course, learners will be in a position to apply for a restricted electrical licence. The purpose of this licence is to provide a means of allowing appropriately trained and competent workers to undertake the straight forward disconnection/reconnection of electrical equipment where that electrical
work is incidental to the person’s principle function in the workplace.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for those with a non-electrical trade qualification who want to acquire skills to undertake limited electrical work. For Restricted Electrical Work Endorsement candidates must provide
documentary evidence that they hold trade level qualifications related to maintaining, servicing and/or repairing relevnt equipment. This can be an appropriate Craft Certificate, Tradesman’s Right’s Certificate or Certificate of Proficiency as issued by a state or federal department of employment
and training. Candidates must also show that carrying out restricted electrical work is a requirement of their job. A letter of support from the candidate’s employer, or equivalent, should be provided as proof of this requirement. Issue of a Restricted Electrical License rests with the
Department Of Fair Trading upon successful application.

For more information please contact Nada on (02) 8789 7000
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Course consists of 6 Consecutive Days + Home Assignments

Courses are also available in Newcastle. Contact the Association for further details
For Further Information and Bookings please ring Nada on (02) 8789 7000
To register mail or fax the registration form together with your payment
to Master Plumbers Association of NSW (15 persons per Course).
Bookings must be received at least 5 Days prior to the course date.