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The Code of Ethics is evidence of our active campaign against unlicensed and unqualified operators to safeguard the quality of workmanship in the industry.

Code of Ethics
as affected by all sectors of the plumbing industry is of prime importance and shall be protected to the best of
a member's ability.

A MEMBER will observe the highest standards of honesty
in all of his or her transactions, and shall in advertising
avoid all use of false titles, ambiguous statements,
misleading claims, or misrepresented quoting or charging

A MEMBER shall endeavour to create friendly cooperation
with his or her fellow members and assist them whenever
possible, and shall not criticise another member without
first discussing the matter with the Association.

A MEMBER shall at all times recognise that fair and
genuine competition is a fundamental service to which all
clients are entitled.

A MEMBER shall, at all times and in all dealings, endeavour
to provide the highest quality of service and true value for
money to their clients.

A MEMBER shall at all times comply with all operative
plumbing and building codes, and with all operative codes
of practice relating to occupational and public health and

A MEMBER shall at all times respect and safeguard the
premises and property of the client, and any other
premises and property that may be affected by the
performance of the member's work.

A MEMBER shall at all times endeavour to raise and
promote the image and profile of the licensed professional
plumbing tradesperson.

IN addition to it being illegal, it shall also be considered
unethical for any member to sign, as a Licensed Plumber,
any relevant documents on behalf of an unlicensed person
enabling them to carry out plumbing work.

IN all matters relating to the interpretation of this Code, a
member shall recognise the authority of the Association
and its Constitution.